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We all know the dirty little secret: When it comes to people who use drones, they all think they are on the cutting edge. Amazon is delivering packages with them, don't you know?

That is great, but today is very different from 2016 when Naples Drone Solutions was started. What makes us so special? Why not just use drones in house and save the money? Why not let Bob from IT or Karen from the your brokerage fly for you?

At Naples Drone Solutions, we have three main differentiators:

  1. We fly legally. We study and know where we can and can't fly. We know how to unlock areas to fly legally where others either can't or shouldn't.
  2. We create technology that makes managing your projects easier. We have our database system called The HUB that keeps all of your projects in one place, we have overlays for google maps that shows a high quality overlay on google maps, and we are constantly responding to our customers with new developments.
  3. We fly. A lot. This means that we can get more interesting shots and film in areas most wouldn't dare. Need an angle that is full of a forest? No problem, we can put the drone down in a 4' x 4' clearing and get it!

We believe we offer our clients great value, but don't just take our word for it. We have plenty of customers that would be happy to tell you how we have helped their business!

More Information - Seemlessly

Motion Tracking Text

At Naples Drone Solutions we use powerful computing to track motion in video. This allows us to show off locations, features, property lines, and just about anything you could want. Motion tracking not only looks great, but also allows us to feed more information to your consumer before text fatigue, or the feeling of being overwhelmed with textual information, sets in.

We frequently deploy this technology in our videos to great effect. It is not an upcharge and it is included with your video purchase.


Grab attention with action

Unique flight patterns and editing

An eye-level fly-through of your home will give potential buyers a chance to experience what it’s like to open the door to their new home and stroll through it. Where photos fall short, an interior real estate video can help to connect each room in the house to provide a sense of coherence and composure. Additionally, our aerial fleet can capture angles and perspectives that are next to impossible to get with photography alone. If your home boasts unique features, color schemes, upgrades, or large-scale art … real estate video should be at the top of your list of marketing materials.

Often, the scene around a home is just as important as the interior of the home itself. If your home is nestled in a picturesque Florida landscape, seated near a canal, in a beautiful palm-lined neighborhood, or surrounded by modern architecture, real estate video will help communicate those surroundings where words and pictures fail.

We have done flights others would deem impossible. Under bridges, through doors, through trees, inches above tree lines nothing is off limits for our team!

Making good video great and great video outstanding

Wonderfully Complex Edits

We implement a number of state of the art and complex editing techniques, and yes, 3D motion tracking is technically one of them. We also use dramatic speed variations, slides, wipes, reveals, see-through text, and more to ensure our clients' videos stand out.

Check out a segment of this video we did for our client, 5th Ave South in Naples at the Ferraris on Fifth car show. You can see speed differentials, see through text, and wipes in the small segment shown. If you watch the whole video you can see elements like wipes and slides as well.