Naples Drone Solutions was contacted by a media company out of Miami, FL to design a custom aerial solution for gathering data in the broadcast beam of some very tall radio antenna towers. This company already owned a handheld spectrometer - which is an expensive and sensitive piece of measurement equipment. Since measuring the signals at the top of the radio towers would traditionally involve helicopters or scale testing, this Miami company asked us for help.

Using our innovative design software and our own 3D printer, we were able to print a custom-designed rig for one of our drones that would allow us to retrofit the drone with the handheld spectrometer. Ultimately, the goal of this project was to gather the frequency data with the spectrometer, and be able to overlay the data we gathered on to a visual map.

Using an Apple iPad connected to the drone via the DJI bluetooth link, we were able to plot GPS points for the drone to stop and measure the frequency. The drone then flew the 4-point path on a loop, and when the drone came to rest at one of those GPS points, we would be able to get the exact frequency measurements during the 3-second pause at each location.

Our 3D printing capabilities, our innovative and creative approach to drone aircraft, and our knowledge of software and programming allows Naples Drone Solutions to craft custom aerial solutions for any project or need.

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