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Florida Aerial Surveying Technologies

Naples Drone Solutions is proud to announce it's partnership in Florida Aerial Survey Technologies the first-of-its-kind full licensed and insured surveying and mapping operation focused on utilizing technology to revolutionize the surveying industry in Florida.

Very few drone companies follow the rules. From airspace to crowds to state statutes regarding surveying, the drone industry definitely has a "ask for forgiveness, not permission" mindset. While this approach may have worked during the first few years of the industry's boom, the FAA and other governing bodies have created and implemented systems that make it easy to follow a well established set of drone regulations.

However, many companies take this too far in their work with mapping and modeling. Florida statutes and federal regulations lay out clear requirements and licensing for both surveying and commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operations. Florida Aerial Surveying Technologies is licensed and insured in both surveying and UAV piloting. Our program isn't an afterthought either. We fully understand the technology we use and our executives have over 8 years of flying experience, 30 years of surveying experience, 15 years of IT and data management, and numerous successful companies. Our company plays by the rules.

Visit our Surveying and Mapping operation serving all of Florida: Florida Aerial Survey Technologies

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