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Since age 15, Naples Drone Solutions founder Andrew Kobza has been flying everything from RC planes to Cessna aircraft. A 2014 graduate of the University of Florida’s BSBA Marketing program, Andrew saw an opportunity to combine his love of aircraft and technology with his passion for serving the community.

Andrew’s mission is not only to be your pilot, but to help you craft unique, high-quality photos and videos to help you communicate your message effectively and attractively.

Andrew lives and works in the Naples community and is an FAA licensed drone pilot.

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Elevating Your Real Estate Listings to New Heights.

The real estate market, especially here in Naples, Florida has never been more competitive. While brochures and open houses may have done the job in years past, sales effectiveness is now a top priority for real estate professionals. Home buyers are ignoring more traditional forms of marketing in favor of avenues that better fit their lifestyle - real estate advertising on smartphones, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites.

With our HD real estate drone photography, Naples Drone Solutions gives private owners and real estate professionals a distinct advantage over the competition. In fact, real estate listings featuring HD drone photography of a home's interior and exterior generate up to 35% more views than those with no aerial photography or video.

Showing the entire scope of the property is an essential element to any real estate listing, but aerial drone photography from Naples Drone Solutions can also help your prospective buyers understand the beauty and advantages of a home’s location. This is an important “value-added” feature that can help potential home buyers understand the value of your listing before they ever even visit.

Why is aerial drone photography so vital for real estate marketing?

Because of where home shoppers are searching for homes. According to Google, more than 51% of home shoppers use YouTube as a video research destination while shopping for homes. With brokerage websites, Google searches, online review sites, and listing websites following. This means that homebuyers are placing an emphasis on aerial drone photography as an important step in their decision-making process as they seek to learn more about a community.

Whether you’re a real estate agent with a focus on properties in and around the Naples, FL area, or you’re a homeowner looking to sell your home by owner, Naples Drone Solutions can custom-tailor a high-quality aerial drone photography package to suit your exact needs.