Curveball of a Data Collection or Measurement Project? Let Us Take a Swing.

Some of our favorite projects have been completely out-of-the-blue opportunities to use our fleet of aircraft for new and unique purposes. We pride ourselves not only on being one of the most technology-forward companies in the Southwest Florida area, but also one of the most innovative companies.

With our advanced fleet of aircraft and our inventive approach to imaging and data collection, not even the sky is the limit. If you've browsed our list of aerial photography and videography services, but have a different need for our fleet beyond classical imaging, we can craft custom aerial solutions that will do the job precisely. And without the risk to personnel.

From measuring radio signals, to 3D mapping, and even to custom builds and sensors, we have the ability to create unique methods for gathering data. We have unparalleled experience and knowledge when it comes to our fleet of aircraft. This experience, combined with our ability to use 3D printing technology to build harnesses and rigs, means we can offer you a more detailed look at your project or building than you've ever had before.

Besides traditional imaging for hard-to-reach places, we're also equipped to provide custom aerial solutions in the form of thermal imaging using FLIR (forward-looking infrared) cameras. These cameras, retrofitted with custom rigs and attached to our aircraft, can measure heat signatures on rooftops, building sides, ground ducts, exhaust vents, and more.

Using custom hardware (created from single-board raspberry pi and miniature Windows PCs), Naples Drone Solutions can also tailor a heavy-lift drone to gather data, as well. Our largest heavy-lift drone is capable of flight carrying up to 20lbs. Meaning your handheld measurement devices can be used to gather environmental, measurement, or other physical data without the need for purchasing additional, expensive aerial equipment.

We can craft custom aerial solutions to suit just about any need. If you're interested in one of the services listed above, or if you have a unique need for our aircraft, we'd love to hear from you.