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To provide our customers with legal, insured services, we have moved this capability to our sister company. The first of its kind in the state of Florida, Florida Aerial Survey Technologies uses specialized processes that include UAVs, High accuracy GPS, and specialized sensors and computing to create highly accurate, photo-realistic survey data that is signed and sealed for use in place of traditional surveys as well as used to gather all other sorts of valuable information.

Your Drone Service Provider Should Do More

More than Photography

At Naples Drone Solutions, we believe strongly in the advancement of technology for the benefit of our construction customers. This simply means that we work very hard to serve you, our construction client. In addition to offering monthly, weekly, and one time job site photos or inspections, we also offer the widest range of services available. We have worked with professors, business owners, contractors, and employees to build value around our offerings. We offer Autodesk Revit compatible 3D Modeling, GPS rectified point clouds, mesh-renderings, contour mapping, elevation mapping, volume calculations, autonomous digging and dozing data, and more. The list grows on a daily basis so do not be shy to ask if you have a need or idea. Below are some highlights of work we have done in this industry.

 For clients of all sized and project scopes, we offer Revit Modeling using UAVs. We use advanced workflows to collect data and build a extremely accurate Revit Model from real world data. Modeling the job site as it sits today, categorizing things like roofing, walls, doors, etc. This is an incredibly powerful tool and it is the pinnacle of our offerings, yet it is

For our clients in the road work and earth-moving industries, we have volume calculations that allow you to track the amount of earth moved on a weekly, monthly, or bimonthly basis. This allows our clients to bill much more accurately and effectively than estimation models and allows for a faster, more efficient, more comprehensive calculation than old volume calculation methods.

For our clients desiring to model off our drone collected data, we have point clouds. These LAS-output files can be imported into popular modeling software such as AutoCAD's Revit and ReCap software or used to create a 3D mesh of the environment. This allows for extremely fast turnaround times for BIM modeling and calculations. Due to our use of highly accurate control points, our accuracies are up to +/- 2cm or less.

One unique quality of the drone based data we gather is that our data can be generated recursively. In other words, when we capture data from a site, we capture all the data from a site. In 3 weeks if you want data from today, we will have it. This is because we make a full model in our software, we don't just calculate one volume, we have any volume of any surface or any area on your site.

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Revit model using drones
Your Project, 100% Digital

Revit Modeling for All Companies

Aiming for minimal disruption and rapid turnaround, we can digitize your project into Autodesk's Revit file format with only 2 hours on site. Using state-of-the-art techniques developed by Naples Drone Solutions, we process your jobsite into a accurate model that your company can use for estimating and takeoffs, site progression tracking, design and modeling, roofing calculations, and more. With Revit, you get a complete measurement of your site; Roof sloping, square-footage of roofing, wall area calculations, concrete volume calculations, and much more!

Your jobsite in Three Dimensions


This job is rendered as a mesh here, but the true value lies in the file that made the mesh. The point cloud is much more accurate than the mesh shown and from it we can make volume calculations, feed accurate data to autonomous assets, measure elevations, and create accurate models (even more so than the one shown)

Your jobsite in Three Dimensions


The road work being done in this model is just a fraction of the site. This model was captured in under 30 minutes and rendered in under an hour. This demonstrates the ability for this technology to scale to the sizes required by our clients. Whether .33 acres or 300 acres, you can rest assured we are collecting the data you need as fast and accurately as possible in our world. The point cloud from this data is used to power autonomous dozers, to check progress, to bill accurately, and to maintain situational awareness.

Elevate Your Knowledge

Elevation Mapping

This photo is a screen capture of the elevation models we output. These are excellent for getting a rough idea of the gradient, slope, and heights of features on a site. If an area is found that looks anomalous, we can provide extra data to verify that everything is proceeding according to plan.

drone elevation mapping

More is Always on its Way

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