North Florida Drone Solutions comes online in North Florida

Drone Services in North Florida

We are happy to announce our expansion North with the opening of our North Florida Drone Solutions office in central north Florida. With this expansion our video and photo services are available to nearly 90% of Florida with nearly 50% falling in a no-travel-charge range.

We are very excited and humbled by the support of our fans and we would like to officially welcome the Chief Pilot of North Florida - Kennon Brock to the Professional Drone Solutions and Naples Drone Solutions family.

There’s never been an easier time to share information. For this generation of home buyers, especially, visual media in the form of real estate video has never been more important. It’s just not enough these days to stick a yard sign out front or take out an ad in the local real estate magazines. In our visual culture, the best visuals get the best response. So how do you set yourself apart from the competition when you’re vying for the attention of potential buyers? Quality, HD real estate video.

Great photos of a home are a must, especially for your average home. But since most (51%) of potential home buyers are researching homes on video sites like YouTube and Facebook, photos alone may not give you the edge you need to pique a buyer’s interest. Our fleet of aircraft can not only provide you with stunning photos of your home, we can also provide you with captivating real estate video that will help potential buyers fall in love before they even pull into the driveway.

Naples Drone Solutions uses unique methods to make your video stand out! Read about some of our technologies and methods below.

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