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Since age 15, Naples Drone Solutions founder Andrew Kobza has been flying everything from RC planes to Cessna aircraft. A 2014 graduate of the University of Florida’s BSBA Marketing program, Andrew saw an opportunity to combine his love of aircraft and technology with his passion for serving the community.

Andrew’s mission is not only to be your pilot, but to help you craft unique, high-quality photos and videos to help you communicate your message effectively and attractively.

Andrew lives and works in the Naples community and is an FAA licensed drone pilot.

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Drone Construction Video Fort Myers FL

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This is a page designed to showcase our technology to potential clients. Drones are empowering us to do more than just photography.

Give us a phone call to explore the locked models (we do this to protect clients privacy) or explore the unlocked models below. We can calculate volumes, generate contour maps, high resolution maps, 3D models, and update progress.

Our customers use our point clouds to automate their machinery fleet and track job progress as well as speed up their estimation process.

Future Tech

Example of volume calculations for foundational site work. Measurements are made using advanced drone technology and calculations are accurate within +/- 2%. Control points are used to ensure global accuracy of the model within 20mm.

Construction Site Modeling

Road Works Modeling

Canal/Road Works Modeling

Real Estate and Home Modeling