Take the Guesswork Out of Insurance Adjusting Inspections, Use a Drone.

HOA and Insurance Adjustment inspections and imaging for residential buildings and condos can be tough to complete efficiently. With the broad capabilities of our fleet of different aircraft, however, your HOA inspections or property management imaging become a breeze. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about hiring a large crew, assembling scaffolding, finding ladders, or figuring out how to navigate tough terrain.

In large buildings or communities with physical obstructions, drone photography can help property managers more thoroughly inspect each area of the property. Creeks, rivers, canals, rocks, underbrush, stone or water features are a large risk for ground crews. However, you can count on our fleet of aircraft to capture HD video and photographs of these hard-to-reach areas with no risk to personnel. Quality imaging of your property could even help you save money by identifying weak or compromised areas of your property before they become real problems. Don't let a fear of heights hold you back! Get the information you need, we look forward to hard work. In fact, after Hurricane Irma, we saved insurance companies thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours inspecting over 190 multistory buildings in 72 hours, sorted by HOA and address.

Aside from HOA inspections and property evaluations, drone photography is also a cost-efficient way to monitor progress on construction or contracting processes. You can have peace of mind when it comes to landscaping, painting, plumbing, or irrigation installations. With aerial video and photography, you can ensure these projects are being completed on-time and on-budget. Additionally, insuring your projects were completed to specifications is a final, but crucial, step in the construction process. We’ll help you document and finalize every project so you can breathe easy.

While we can provide you with a literal “big picture,” our sophisticated equipment is sensitive enough to maneuver down to even the smallest details of your property. And without the need for complex analysis, measurement, and data interpretation of analog inspection methods, drone photography and video gets you actionable information more quickly. This means you can solve problems in a timelier manner which, in turn, could save you money on costly repairs or maintenance.

No two buildings are the same. And no two HOA inspections are identical. You don’t want a blanket, “off-the-shelf” package to get you the imaging you need. Let us work with you to develop a custom solution for your HOA inspections and property imaging.