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With nearly a decade flying drones and over 15 years in computer systems and construction, Naples Drone Solutions has what it takes to get your job done. We specialize in aerial and ground solutions for HOA's, property management, infrastructure, telecom, construction, realty, inspections, and marketing. We frequently operate in Naples, Fort Myers, Ave Maria, Marco Island, Sanibel Island, Cape Coral, Immokalee, Everglades, Miami, the Florida Keys, and travel the entirety of Florida and even into parts of Georgia to deliver professional, innovative, and futuristic UAV and Drone services. We have a office in North Florida under the brand North Florida Drone Solutions. If you are looking for drone services in the Jacksonville, Gainesville, Palatka, Ocala, St. Augustine, Orlando areas, you can find North Florida Drone Solutions contact info here. 

Depending on the scope of the mission we are flying we have different aircraft that we field. For realty and marketing we typically fly our Phantom 4 Pro. This drone shoots 4k video and 20MP stills from a triple stabilized platform called a gimbal. For special missions we field a heavy lift platform that has a 20LB payload and various other drones depending on the job scope. We frequently toy around with different sensors and have the ability to make packages that fit client's needs. Read about our most recent development, The Fessenden Flier, a drone mounted radio and cellular analytics solution developed and fielded by Naples Drone Solutions and our network of partners.

After speaking about the project scope with our client, whether it includes aerial realty photography, marketing photography, aerial construction shots, or a custom solution, we select the craft in our hangar that is best suited for the job. We then go to location and often get to show our customers how drones work. The Phantom 4 Pro's camera feed is transmitted back in extremely low latency, meaning our customers can have as much or as little control over the shots as they want.

We have the ability to create custom mountings and triggers for any need. We love creating new unmanned, automated programs for clients. Contact us for more information.

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Using Drones for Radio Antenna Analytics
May 02 2017 3 min to read

Using Drones for Radio Antenna Analytics

USING DRONES FOR RADIO ANTENNA ANALYTICS Naples Drone Solutions was contacted by a media company out of Miami, FL to design a custom aerial solution for gathering data in the broadcast beam of some very tall radio antenna towers....